Middle School Final Project

List of characters:
Mrs. Donatello
Miller the Killer
Jeanne Galleta
Bear (Carl)

Rafe is the main character of "Middle School: the Worst Years of My Life." Rafe is an awkward boy because he can't make friends very easily. He absolutely hates his step-father Bear (Carl). Rafe also makes up stories about what happens when you goes to detention. Also, Rafe isn't a very smart kid.

Leo is Rafe's friend. Leo stays silent and that's why Rafe calls him "Leo the Silent." Leo isa little bit of a troublemaker. Although Rafe made him that way. Leo draws pictures for Operation R.A.F.E.

Jules is Rafe's mom. Jules is very nice, but she married a slob (Rafe's step-father Carl.) Jules works three shifts: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so se can buy more food for Carl. She doesn't like it so much that Rafe talks to Leo.

Mrs. Donatello is one of Rafe's teachers. In the beginning, Rafe thinks that Mrs. Donatello is mean. Rafe calls her "Dragon Lady." Actually, though Rafe calls her mean, she helps him out in the end. Mrs. Donatello doesn't give up on stuff. Especially, she didn't give up on Rafe, trying to figure what he likes, and trying to stop him from being a troublemaker.

Georgia is Rafe's little sister. She annoys Rafe a lot! Although Rafe is in the sixth grade, Georgia is smarter than him and she is in the fourth grade. Georgia also hates Bear, and that is one thing that Rafe and /georgia have in common.

Miller the Killer is Rafe's bully. He is always mean to Rafe, because Rafe is way smaller than him. Rafe stands up sometimes, but when he does, he gets beat up or gets something taken away from him. Miller the Killer is about 5'10 and hates Rafe's guts.

Jeanne Galleta is Rafe's crush. She is a star student. Jeanne Galleta also has a clean record. No tardies and especially no detentions. Also, Jeanne helps out at food drives and fundraisers. She ran for school president. Rafe also gets help from her, She is very outgoing.

Bear (Carl) is Rafe's step-father. He is married to Jules, Rafe's mom. He sits on the couch all day, watching football, and according to Rafe, the only time Bear gets out of the house is to collect his unemployment check. He also sleeps on the couch most of the day.

I would recommend this book because it was a fun story. I also would recommend it if you like funny stories with twists. Also, it was fun looking at all the pictures Rafe had drawn. Finally, another reason I would recommend this book is because if you like books about awkward kids and how they make it through like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" than you will probably like this book.

The main events in "Middle School: the Worst Years of My life" are as follows. Rafe is a sixth grader in middle school. When he goes to an assembly, he finds a way to make middle school interesting. Also, he made up rules because to him, it's a game about how much trouble he can cause, like: 1: nobody gets hurt and so forth like he has three lives like in a real game.

Now on to the good stuff! First, he pulls a faire alarm. Then a few weeks later, he ran around the school naked. At the end, he gets in a lot of trouble for drawing a big mural on the school's brick wall, so the police came. He gets in trouble and jules and Carl get in a big fight. Carl pushes Jules down the stairs and they break up. Mrs. Donatello suggests that Rafe goes to an art school when she sees how good he is at drawing. Even though Rafe will have to go to summer school, Rafe is happy that he gets to go to art school.